Stylish Lady

This intriguing Lady of a Certain Age has been carefully cherished over the years to preserve her poise and beauty, and she still turns heads wherever she goes

Coral Ocean has grown old gracefully, her exterior lines and interior styling as fresh and contemporary as the day she was launched by Germany’s Lürssen Yachts in 1994 – elegant, luxurious, sleek and understated all at once. Widely acknowledged as a defining masterpiece of the late legendary designer Jon Bannenberg, she was deemed ahead of her time as one of the first yachts to have a spa and sea balcony, bringing new dimensions to onboard luxuries. And like many a sophisticated lady of mature years,  Coral Ocean has a fascinating interior personality concealed within her graceful 72.5 metre exterior profile. The main deck salon has a Polynesian beach house-style interior, with natural materials of wood, rough marble and shells setting the tone, underscored by African and Asian features. This interior character is styled with colourful highlights against a neutral palette of creams and browns, from the main salon across to the formal dining room and informal upper salon, all highlighted by ethnic artwork and up-lighting intensifying the beach house atmosphere.

The ethnic ambience is maintained with the walls of both the main salon and formal dining room made from tree bark, silver leaf and burr birch, a delightfully rustic touch amid such luxurious settings. In total, 12 guests can be accommodated on Coral Ocean  – there’s a VIP suite on the upper deck, four guest suites on the lower deck and the owner’s deck on top. The VIP suite looks out over expansive sea.

The VIP suite looks out over expansive sea views, while inside different types of wood accent its styling. Burr birch wall panels complement an oak parquet floor and the furniture from burr oak and parchment. Graceful mahogany handmade chairs pair with the owner’s glass desk. In a quirky touch, the furniture is custom-made from driftwood and designed by an English artisan.

Arranged around a central hallway flooded with natural light from the main deck’s skylight, the lower guest suites each have a different colour theme. Hand-tufted virgin wool New Zealand carpet depicting breaking waves enhances the beach house character. There’s more beach house character in the upper deck salon, decorated with elephant headgear from India, where two seating areas encircle beach-style tables made from driftwood and concrete. The owner’s suite on the top deck, extending to the upper deck, is a glorious retreat with the top-deck sleeping area offering spectacular views through wraparound windows.

 Full enjoyment of the panoramic vistas is ensured by the bed being electrically adjustable in height – or there’s the option to lie flat and contemplate starry night skies through the huge skylight above the bed. The room’s harmonious styling – and Coral Ocean’s  interior character – is graced by decorative feathers from the ancient Inca period. With direct access from the lower-deck guest suites, the gym and spa complex is the perfect place to unwind, perhaps to be followed by a dip in the sea from the swim platform further aft. Coral Ocean was one of the first yachts with an interior featuring a dedicated spa area – a sensation at the time, but now considered standard on most yachts. This well-preserved beauty surely has many more magnificent years to come.


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