Pure Wellness

Spa retreats that focus on holistic, all natural rejuvenation of body, mind and spirit

The Nai Harn, perched on one of Phuket’s southernmost tips, is a place where contemplation can be a natural by-product of being in such a fabulously inspiring environment. The rocky terrain tumbling to an expansive beach and an even more expansive ocean view lends itself to relaxed meditation amidst the embrace of soft sea breezes. What if all this external inspiration for mindfulness was accompanied by a means of also rejuvenating the body? That’s exactly the philosophy of the Puriti Luxe Retreats now offered by The Spa at Nai Harn, where bodies and minds polluted and dispirited by the demands of modern living are gently coaxed back into full, energetic function for a happier life.

These immersive programmes – available for either one day or three days – encompass bespoke, plant-based vegan diets, carefully planned exercise regimes and a combination of holistic wellness practices, including yoga and massage. It all combines to create an integrated schedule of activities and therapies designed to target specific health issues and needs. A key component is the Puriti Box supplied with each programme – a potent one-stop dietary kick-start for jaded and sluggish digestions. Included in the Puriti Boxes is Puriti Purgreen, a wheatgrass and burdock supplement to cleanse the blood and aid digestion; Puricaps, an organic herbal formula of Thai herbs with coconut oil supplements to fight fat and support liver function; Purberry Tincture, made from organic mulberries, to lower blood pressure and boost immunity; and energising Sheng Nong Tea, a great morning booster. And complementing all this wellness is the opportunity to sink into an even deeper state of relaxation and inner peace, with accommodation in one of The Nai Harn’s luxurious suites.



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